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Family Member Reports Theophilus London Has Been Found

Trinidadian-born music creative Theophilus London, who was reported missing in late December, has reportedly been found. The good news came via his cousin Mikhail Noel, who took to Instagram to announce the news. In an image of London, Noel wrote, “WE HAVE FOUND THEO/HE IS SAFE AND WELL/AT THIS TIME THE FAMILY WOULD/LOVE PRAYERS AND PRIVACY/THANK YOU ALL!!!” In the caption, he added, ““Truly appreciate everyone’s support in finding my cousin. It’s refreshing and rewarding to have such a strong support system of family and friends!!! God bless each and every one of you all.”

Adding more detail, producer Machine Drum, a frequent London music collaborator, also announced on Twitter that London had been found, writing: “He’s been found and is safe with family.” He added, “His family would appreciate prayers and privacy at this moment. Thanks for all the love.”

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a missing persons report was filed with the agency on December 27, 2022. At the time, the family provided a statement to Variety noting the last time London spoke with a family member was in July 2022 in Los Angeles. The statement reads in part: “Over the last few weeks, friends and family of Theophilus London have been working together to piece together his whereabouts. The last time someone spoke with him reportedly stretches back to July 2022 in Los Angeles.” The last time London was active on Instagram or Twitter was also in July.

In a statement released by the Los Angeles Police Department, London was described as last being seen on October 15, 2022, in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles.

Prior to the 35-year-old London turning up, Drum responded to social media users who questioned why his family took so long to file a missing persons report. In an Instagram comment, Drum wrote, “Theo has been known to go off the radar for a month or two here and there and then randomly reappear. He changes phone numbers all the time so for him not to respond for a couple of months is not out of the ordinary but for him to MIA for this long is a different situation and for his friends/family to take a while to file a missing report is understandable.”

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