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Amaarae Releases ‘Reckless & Sweet’ Single And Visual With Model Leomie Anderson

Nigerian-American artist and producer, Amaarae has released her latest single “Reckless & Sweet” along with a visually captivating video featuring models Leomie Anderson and Monyjor Ngor Deng. The track is the latest release from her upcoming EP, out early next year. ‘Reckless & Sweet”, is a reflection on her own experiences, with lyrics that explore the duality of being reckless and sweet. The chorus is an ode to the power of love, with Amaarae’s soaring vocals taking center stage. The production is vibrant and driving, with a catchy beat and infectious guitar riffs.

Courtesy of Interscope

The Bronx, NY-Born hopes to bring love and romance back with her music, showcasing a new energy for young black women and men in 2023 and beyond by saying, “Coming back after so long, I had a lot of time to think and reflect on what I wanted my message to be last time it was about confidence, this time it’s about love and faith. This is my sexiest video to date and what I love most about it is that young black women and men are about to see what our new energy is for 2023 and beyond. Moving forward we’re grown and sexy. We’re going to make sure we always look our best, talk our best, walk our best, and most of all we’re bringing love and romance back! ‘Reckless and Sweet’ is a sexy song. It’s about being intentional with the ways we make and give love. It’s about finding the inner sensuality and confidence without yourself and sharing that with the world. As an artist that is exactly where I’m at at the moment.”

Listen to ‘Reckless &Sweet’ here and enjoy the music video below.

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