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Reasons More Brands Are Selling Crop Top Hoodies and Sweatpants As Sets – BELLA+CANVAS

You may have noticed many people wearing a crop top hoodie and sweatpants set, and many brands offering the stylish ensemble, and a big reason for that is how incredibly comfortable the sets can be. So let’s discuss what else there is to love about this versatile, two-piece outfit and why multiple brands are selling them. 

The Athleisure Brand is On Trend

There’s been an explosion in the popularity of athleisure clothing, and a crop top hoodie and sweatpants set fits right into that style. There are many instances where this outfit can be a perfect option to wear. You can wear it to brunch with friends, grab an afternoon coffee, walk the dog, sit outside, go grocery shopping, or work from home. 

From a business forecasting perspective, it doesn’t seem like there will be a slowdown in devotion to athleisure clothing. Those who are all about wearing trends and businesses that make it a point to sell them can likely continue to feel good about sporting or selling the crop top hoodie and sweats combo. 

There’s No Guesswork with Putting Together Outfits

Have you ever woken up and had zero interest in putting together an outfit if you didn’t get it ready the night before? A crop top hoodie and sweatpants set is already chosen for you, except for deciding if you want to layer over or under the top or leave it as is. Should you want to layer, there are multiple options you could go with, including a tank top underneath or a matching jacket over it.  

The set consists of two pieces and offers businesses the option of selling the pieces individually or as a duo. If selling them individually, the pair can sit alongside each other in the store, signaling they’re a complementary set. Online, a description or picture can easily indicate that a specific piece of clothing has a match that’s also available for sale.

Businesses have taken note of this love of leisure and matching, and they’re offering customers what they want while also hoping to profit off the trend in the process. Therefore, giving shoppers even more options to find sets that appeal to them in the size, material, and color they want. 

They’re Great for Any Season

The hot weather may cause many to put away matching sweatsuits until fall and winter, but a crop top hoodie and sweatpants set can be a little different. Depending on the cut and material, it can be easy to still wear them, even during the spring and summer. 

Many sets come in pretty-as-a-flower pastel hues, allowing them to work well for spring with more dynamic colors like red making it a great summer outfit to transition into fall. Although temperatures can spike during the year depending on the location, many areas see a drastic dip in temps during the evening hours, making this outfit a good option for staying comfortable without being too hot or cold. Sets of lightweight material typically work better for spring and summer, while heavier fabrics – possibly also paired with layering – are ideal for fall and winter.  

The Pieces Are Interchangeable

These sets are typically monochrome, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear the pieces together. One of the best aspects of fashion is taking chances and styling your look the way you want. For example, you could wear your pink crop top hoodie with black distressed skinny jeans or your pink sweatpants with a white tank top.  

When businesses sell trendy crop top hoodies and sweatpants sets, they know there’s a chance that a customer could fall in love with them and buy more. After buying multiple similar sets, it’s easy to swap these pieces with each other or pair them with different types of complementary items the brand offers. 

They’re Easy to Accessorize

There’s the minimalist appeal of sporting a crop top hoodie and sweatpants set, so you don’t need to wear anything else with them to make them look great. However, some accessories pair beautifully without being too much and away from the stylish simplicity of the look. 

Wearing the hood is an option, but so is leaving it down and opting for a hat instead. If you’re going with a monochrome style, consider sticking with the same color scheme. A small pendant necklace could be a sweet addition, and sunglasses can be a fabulously stylish, functional accessory to wear year-round. 

You’re probably not going to find any fancy footwear with this casual set. Instead, sneakers are usually the way to go, and white sneakers are ideal since they can go with almost any set, regardless of style and color. 

Crop Top Hoodie and Sweatpants Sets Are Easy to Customize

A few reasons to love a crop top hoodie and sweatpants set are that they’re stylish, simple, and straightforward. There’s typically little fuss about embellishments because it’s all about the outfit’s cut, fabric, color, and overall style.  

Little subtle touches, however, can make one set stand out from the other. For example, a small logo, a little patch, or a strategically-placed stripe can differentiate one set from all the others on the market. Depending on the brand’s popularity, one look, and you know where that set came from.  

Many brands have jumped at the chance to put their crop top hoodie and sweatpants sets on the market to get a piece of the profit of the rising athleisure trend. That’s great for businesses that want to offer their customers a wide selection of options and even better for fashionistas looking to build their collection of comfy sets. 

So how can brands stand out from the sea of all the other available options? Style is important, but the quality is significant; customers don’t want to repeatedly commit to spending money on sets that feel uncomfortable or will likely fall apart after a few washes. Developing a reputation for fantastic, fashionable crop top hoodies and sweatpants collections is one of the best ways to keep customers returning.