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We Chat With Rising R&B Artist Fana Hues About Her Debut Album And Upcoming Projects

We checked in with singer/songwriter Fana Hues while she was in New York on tour as an opening act for Giveon. Hues is touring in support of her debut album. Titled flora + fana, the 11-song project was released earlier this year in March.

Jacket by Equihua, bustier and choker by Chrishabana, pants by G-Star | Photo: Mauriccio Jorquera

Reflecting on the album’s message, Hues says the project started as “a reflection of her healing process” but she came to realize healing takes patience and is a lifelong effort. Weighing in on past relationships, Hues says her heart has been broken but nothing serious enough for her to “claim” the relationship.

Touching on the personal, Hues weighed in on her rules for “claiming” relationships and also whether being an entertainer has gotten in the way of getting serious with Hues admitting there have been times she realized her career would be too much for the other person to handle.

Photo: Mauriccio Jorquera

On the roots of her love of music, Hues reveals that growing up she performed in both her father and her stepfather’s bands: Black Nation and Wild Nation. As a young person, she also participated in an artist development workshops, whose main focus were providing “emotional literacy,” a program that to this day informs how she writes and how she collaborates with other artists.

As a songwriter, Fana says she provides producers she works with guidance by putting together “sonic moodboards” to create a blueprint for the mood she’s wants to create and the sound she wants to achieve.

Speaking about one of the most pivotal parts of her life, Hues recalls her family moving to Texas at age 16 and choosing to move back to Los Angeles on her own three months later. “I was very, very determined, I had so much confidence at that age. I was very very sure of myself,” she says.

Top by Chrishabana, shorts Wales Bonner for Adidas and shoes by Paris Texas | Photo: Mauriccio Jorquera

Prior to dropping flora + fana, Hues was featured on a track with Tyler the Creator, an experience she views as not only entirely positive but also affirming as a young artist.

In between working hard on music, Hues says she likes to visit her nieces and nephews and she also enjoys fishing. Very much a self-identified “TV girl,” Hues says she loves to watch “The Office” and “Bob’s Burgers” to relax at the end of the day.

Hues’ video and editorial images were photographed by Mauricio on location in the Hardrock Hotel New York. Her makeup was handled by Renee Sanganoo while her hair was done by Jameson Dakota. Styled by Samia Grand Pierre and Lois Sakany Location, looks were provided by Equihua, Mr. Saturday, G-Star and Xhibition with accessories via Chrishabana and L’Enchanteur.

Check out our exchange with Hues below.

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