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“Buay pei seh” is like getting caught singing in the shower—embarrassing yet strangely liberating. In Singlish, it means feeling utterly embarrassed or ashamed, usually from an awkward or awkwardly funny situation. It’s that cringe-worthy moment when you accidentally walk into a glass door or call your teacher “mom” in front of the whole class. Singaporeans use “buay pei seh” to describe those hilarious yet mortifying moments that make you want to disappear into a black hole of shame. It’s a reminder that even in the midst of embarrassment, laughter is often the best way to save face and move on.

What Does “Buay Pei Seh” Really Mean?

Have you ever heard Singaporeans use the term “buay pei seh” and wondered what it actually means? Contrary to what it sounds like, “buay pei seh” in Hokkien doesn’t mean “not embarrass.” Let’s uncover the true meaning of this quirky Singaporean phrase and delve into its humorous implications.

What Does “Buay Pei Seh” Mean in Singaporean Hokkien?

“Buay pei seh” (不要脸) translates to “shameless” or “lacking in decency” in English. It’s used to describe someone who behaves without shame or is audacious in their actions. Despite its literal translation, Singaporeans often use it in a lighthearted manner to playfully tease someone for their cheeky or shameless behavior.

When Do Singaporeans Use “Buay Pei Seh”?

Singaporeans use “buay pei seh” when someone does something bold, brazen, or shamelessly daring. It’s like calling out a friend for shamelessly cutting the queue at the hawker center or shamelessly flirting with the cashier for an extra packet of chili. It’s a term infused with a blend of amusement and mild admonishment, capturing the playful spirit of everyday interactions.

Why Is “Buay Pei Seh” Such a Fun Term?

What makes “buay pei seh” so amusing is its versatility and the way it encapsulates Singaporean wit and humor. It’s a phrase that adds color to conversations, allowing Singaporeans to affectionately rib each other for their shameless antics while reinforcing social norms in a playful manner. Plus, the Hokkien dialect adds an extra layer of local flavor that enhances its comedic effect.

How Do Singaporeans React to “Buay Pei Seh”?

When someone is accused of being “buay pei seh,” Singaporeans react with a mix of mock outrage and laughter. It’s often met with playful banter or a quick retort defending their actions. Instead of taking offense, it’s embraced as part of the lively banter that defines Singaporean social interactions. After all, a little shamelessness now and then keeps life interesting!

Can “Buay Pei Seh” Ever Be a Good Thing?

While “buay pei seh” typically carries a negative connotation of shamelessness, in certain contexts, it can be endearing or even admirable. For instance, someone who fearlessly speaks their mind in defense of others might be called “buay pei seh” for their courage and outspokenness. It’s a reminder that sometimes, breaking social norms can lead to positive change or bring attention to important issues.

Is There a Cultural Significance to “Buay Pei Seh”?

Beyond its humorous facade, “buay pei seh” reflects Singaporean values of propriety and social decorum. It’s a gentle reminder to navigate social interactions with sensitivity while also embracing the spontaneity and liveliness that make Singaporean culture unique. Ultimately, it’s about striking a balance between respecting traditions and celebrating individuality.

So the next time you hear “buay pei seh” being thrown around in Singapore, remember—it’s not just a phrase; it’s a playful expression of our collective wit and camaraderie, sprinkled with a generous dose of Hokkien charm.

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Dimension: 44cm x 32cm (17.5inch x 12.5inch)
Handle: 26mm (19.5inch)
Material: Canvas
Color: Beech
Print: Vinyl or DTG

Tote bag dimension

In order to preserve the design on your tote bag print, we recommend the following product care guidelines:

  • Always turn your tote bag inside out before washing. This reduces the wear-and-tear of the canvas tote bag printed design and preserves it longer.
  • Wash similar coloured canvas tote bag together. This is to prevent colour leeching from dark coloured clothes to light coloured canvas tote bag.
  • Wash in cold (30 Degrees Celsius or below) water, either machine wash or by hand. Using hot water might cause printed designs to leech colours.
  • DO NOT BLEACH, avoid using softeners. Bleach can cause colours to run, and softeners may affect vinyl designs print on the canvas tote bag.
  • Avoid using hot dryers. The high level of heat may cause shrinkage of canvas tote bag, and may affect vinyl designs. When possible, dry your canvas tote bag under the shade with minimal direct contact with sunlight as prolonged exposure to UV rays will cause colours to fade.
  • Iron on low, and always iron the canvas tote bag turned inside out so as not to iron directly on print.
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