Forever Alone Canvas Tote Bag


“Forever Alone” from a Singaporean perspective is like being the last slice of pizza at a party—lonely yet strangely content. It’s that state of feeling perpetually single or disconnected in a city where everyone seems to be in a couple or surrounded by friends. From scrolling through dating apps filled with unrealistic bios to attending weddings as a solo guest, Singaporeans navigate this phenomenon with a mix of self-deprecating humor and resilience.

What Exactly Does “Forever Alone” Mean?

Ah, “Forever Alone.” If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably come across this phrase, usually accompanied by a sad, stick-figure meme. In Singapore, “Forever Alone” is the universal shorthand for those moments when you feel like the last piece of cai png (economy rice) that nobody wants to pick. It’s that feeling of being perpetually single or just, you know, alone in the universe, despite being surrounded by millions of people on this tiny island. Whether it’s eating your char kway teow solo or spending Valentine’s Day with your cat, “Forever Alone” captures the humor and tragedy of modern isolation.

Why Do Singaporeans Feel “Forever Alone”?

Why do Singaporeans feel “Forever Alone”? Well, for starters, our work culture doesn’t help. Long hours at the office and endless commutes on the MRT can leave little time for romance. By the time you get home, you’re more likely to fall in love with your bolster than with another human being. Plus, the high cost of living means many of us are still living with our parents, which, let’s be honest, is not exactly conducive to a romantic lifestyle. And then there’s the whole social awkwardness thing—we’re better at queuing than we are at dating.

How Do You Know If You’re “Forever Alone”?

How do you know if you’re “Forever Alone”? Here are a few telltale signs: Your primary form of communication is with food delivery apps. You’ve perfected the art of taking selfies because there’s no one else around to take your picture. Your favorite TV show is your best friend, and you’ve named all the neighborhood stray cats. You start conversations with your bubble tea and find comfort in the fact that it never judges you for ordering extra pearls.

Can “Forever Alone” Be a Good Thing?

Can “Forever Alone” be a good thing? Absolutely! Being “Forever Alone” means you never have to share your popcorn at the movies, your bed is all yours, and you can binge-watch Korean dramas without anyone judging your taste in TV. Plus, you get to focus on self-love and self-care. You can take yourself out on dates, pamper yourself with spa days, and pursue your hobbies without compromise. It’s a chance to truly get to know yourself and become comfortable in your own skin. So, being “Forever Alone” isn’t all bad—it’s just a different kind of freedom.

What Are the Perks of Being “Forever Alone” in Singapore?

What are the perks of being “Forever Alone” in Singapore? For one, you get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Craving nasi lemak at midnight? Go for it! No one’s around to judge. You can also take advantage of solo travel deals and explore new places without having to coordinate schedules with anyone else. Plus, you can embrace all the fun activities our city has to offer, from karaoke sessions to cycling at East Coast Park, all on your own terms. And let’s not forget the ultimate perk: no in-laws to deal with!

How to Embrace Your “Forever Alone” Status?

How to embrace your “Forever Alone” status? First, own it. Wear your “Forever Alone” badge with pride. Celebrate your independence by treating yourself to nice things and experiences. Join clubs or groups that interest you, and make new friends. Remember, being “Forever Alone” doesn’t mean you’re actually alone. It just means you’re fabulous and independent. And who knows? By living your best solo life, you might just attract someone who’s equally awesome and independent.

So, next time you’re feeling “Forever Alone,” remember that it’s not a curse—it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to love yourself, to explore your interests, and to live life on your own terms. And if all else fails, there’s always Netflix and bubble tea.

Buy Forever Alone Canvas Tote Bag for book bag, shopping carrier, lunch bag, outfit staple – the choice is yours. These tote bags can do the lot, big enough to carry a laptop.


Dimension: 44cm x 32cm (17.5inch x 12.5inch)
Handle: 26mm (19.5inch)
Material: Canvas
Color: Beech
Print: Vinyl or DTG

Tote bag dimension

In order to preserve the design on your tote bag print, we recommend the following product care guidelines:

  • Always turn your tote bag inside out before washing. This reduces the wear-and-tear of the canvas tote bag printed design and preserves it longer.
  • Wash similar coloured canvas tote bag together. This is to prevent colour leeching from dark coloured clothes to light coloured canvas tote bag.
  • Wash in cold (30 Degrees Celsius or below) water, either machine wash or by hand. Using hot water might cause printed designs to leech colours.
  • DO NOT BLEACH, avoid using softeners. Bleach can cause colours to run, and softeners may affect vinyl designs print on the canvas tote bag.
  • Avoid using hot dryers. The high level of heat may cause shrinkage of canvas tote bag, and may affect vinyl designs. When possible, dry your canvas tote bag under the shade with minimal direct contact with sunlight as prolonged exposure to UV rays will cause colours to fade.
  • Iron on low, and always iron the canvas tote bag turned inside out so as not to iron directly on print.
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