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10 style for Singapore oversized streetwear tshirt

10 Ways to Look Great in Oversized T-Shirts

On a rainy day, nothing beats a warm cup of chai. There is no other product like it in terms of mobility and function. There are countless options for Instagram style, accessorizing, and aesthetic posture. Oversized T-shirts can accommodate all of them.

Oversized boyfriend t-shirts are the embodiment of ‘casual-chic,’ and they’re precisely what you need to keep comfortable while killing every #ootd trend like the boss you are. Wearing XXXL t-shirts or t-shirts three times your real size is the ultimate millennial and Gen-Z statement. They are classic, size-inclusive, and accessible worldwide in a variety of designs.

So, how does one go about creating a wardrobe that revolves on this ultra-comfortable need and styling it in innovative and attractive ways? We’ve compiled quite a list for you. Read on to discover some of our favorite comfort zones within the oversized t-shirt trend, as well as style tips and methods to help you develop a formidable collection of supersize Ts.

P.S. Look for suggestions from our online shop beneath each of our style ideas to let you make them your own with the click of a button – have fun!

1. The Punk Look

oversize tshirt singapore streetwear white women chinese text jin guai lan
Jin Guai Lan White Short Sleeve Over Size T-shirt

Fair warning: this is not a trend for the faint of heart. Oversized t-shirts have a long history in the punk-rock scene, and they can make you seem as grungy as heck. Literally.

Intrigued? Over a patterned dress, layer your favorite oversize band tee (preferably in grungy colors like reds, blacks, olive, greys, and dull whites). To amp up the grunge, choose platform boots or lace-up military type boots. Messy hair and red lipstick are required.

Pair your large graphic t-shirts for women with tastefully shredded jeans for a more low-key punk look. Wear sharp-edged sunglasses, black lipstick, and one-of-a-kind trash jewelry – and voilà! You have a watered-down but really awesome punk-rock appearance.

2. The Minimalist Look

unisex minimalist adult oversize tshirt singapore streetwear white tee black text balonglong kaobeiking
Balonglong White Short Sleeve Oversize T-shirt

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of simplicity. Many of us are finding that we can get by with just two pairs of pants and a few shirts. Incorporating an enormous version into your minimalist design is just what your 2020 wardrobe need.

When choosing your enormous minimalist t-shirt, go for elegant, relaxing neutral colors. Also, obviously, keep accessories and add-ons to a minimum.

An enormous t-shirt with a simple one-liner conveying that minimalist spirit, a pair of vintage-wash denims, traditional yet sturdy shoes, and an eco-friendly shopping bag are the necessary components for infusing a minimalist subculture into the oversize t-shirt trend.

graphic oversized streetwear singapore tshirt woman in white tee animal dtg print
Tu Lan Jiao Short Sleeve Oversized Streetwear

3. Hyper-graphics

There’s no way around it. The age of graphic shirts is here. The digital era has played a significant part in spreading this renowned fashion phenomenon, from YouTuber merch to social media jokes. There is a graphic t shirt out there to fit every persona and style sense, thanks to the rising accessibility of graphic art and digital printing.

Oversized graphic shirts are a popular trend on social media and look excellent when paired with other casualwear staples like light blue jeans. Tuck them in and belt it all up to seal in that artful appeal.

A chance to experiment with colors and visual patterns, exude coolness by matching your XXXL t-shirts with exciting graphic prints that represent your style. You like science fiction? Say that on your T-shirt. Do you enjoy vintage photography? On the internet, you’re bound to come across an enormous style with a vintage print.

adult cinched and belted style oversize streetwear singapore tshirt women
Forever Alone Unisex Adult Oversize T-shirt Streetwear

4. Cinched and Belted

Ahem. The best part about big shirts is how BIG they are. If you can also locate one that’s long enough, you’ve got yourself a t-shirt dress! Cinching an oversize t-shirt dress ensures you appear uber-stylish while being comfortable and comfy.

To get a sleek, simple look, cinch in your favorite oversize t-shirt dress with a strappy, adjustable belt in a similar hue. If you want to go all out, pair this look with boots and a cross-body purse. There’s a style appeal in casual and clean.

A pair of sunglasses, an oversized t-shirt, and a sleek bum-bag used to tighten your tee in place of a belt is a great #ootd. It’s everything you need for a ferocious oversized t-shirt lewk with no effort and bother.

P.S. Don’t forget about the face mask. In addition, the bum bag can hold both your phone and a bottle of hand sanitizer. We hope you are safe and sound — we adore you!

women in over sized t shirt streetwear singapore white style vinyl dtg print
Lor Mee Women Over Sized Tee Shirt Streetwear

5. The Mini-Skirt

We adore the miniskirt from the 1990s. Let’s be honest, though. The only way to wear one and still appear fashionable in 2020 is to match it with large t-shirts. This outfit has a super glam and city-girl vibe and is perfect for all the shorties that prefer shorter styles.

The simplest way to pull off this outfit is with a denim mini. This is a traditional combination, just like denim shorts. For an uber-chic casual style, pair them with a crossbody purse, high-top shoes, sunglasses, and a messy bun.

However, if not worn in the proper colors and with the right pieces, any mini-skirt ensemble may appear outmoded and tawdry. Wear a black little skirt with a simple, relaxed, and completely neutral large shirt. With their attraction, each of these separates is guaranteed to balance out the other. The t-extreme shirt’s casualness will help the mini-skirt appear just the perfect amount of low-key glam.

oversize streetwear singapore women tshirt white layed styled vinyl print
Atas De La Me Singapore Oversize Tshirt Street

6. The Multi-Layered

When it comes to large t-shirts, layering is the key to creating a one-of-a-kind and magnificent casual look. By combining the ease of XXXL t-shirts with the high-end attractiveness of items that would typically be deemed more ‘formal,’ you can create a gorgeous hybrid appearance that is guaranteed to turn heads!

Wear your large tee beneath a silky slip dress with spaghetti straps for a one-of-a-kind outfit. Combine this look with a pair of shoes for a casually attractive look.

XXXL t-shirts, or ones that are at least 2-3 sizes larger, have enough capacity for top-wear layering. Layer a large tshirt over a shirt and belt it all in with a pair of statement trousers to nail this fashion trend.

Another option to elevate the layered look is to pair an oversize shirt with denim overalls. Choose pant-style overalls or patterned skirt overalls – either way, this is the embodiment of casual-chic streetwear style.

love to sleep woman short sleeve oversized streetwear tshirt singapore vinyl dtg kaobeiking
Love to Sleep Oversize T-shirt Singapore Style

7. The Briefs

T-shirts and shorts, like Tom and Jerry, are a timeless match. Alternatively, movies and popcorn. They simply seem to go together. This one is a casual classic that is cozy, easy, and the ideal alternative for 2020 lounging.

In Singapore oversized t-shirts with biker shorts, popularized by the Kardashian clan’s mega-influence, are the newest wrinkle in the casual wear domain. This outfit concept will give you wings since it is a sleeker version of the t-shirt and shorts combination without sacrificing utility.

Denim and cargo shorts, on the other hand, are the most ageless kind of shorts. They look great when coupled with graphic tees. For an out-and-about style, pair them with high-top shoes and elegant sunglasses.

unisex oversize streetwear singapore tshirt woman in white tshirt gong kia dtg vinyl print
Gong Kia Over-size T-shirt Singapore Streetwear

8. Work Clothing

For workwear, this year has been nothing short of revolutionary. The t-shirt has finally made its way onto this fashion lineup. Working your oversized tees into your workday requires just one partner: a basic pair of pants.

An oversized t-shirt tucked into a pair of immaculate pants can make quite the working statement when combined with typical workwear accessories like a messenger bag and pointed-toe shoes.

Choosing the appropriate colors is essential for pulling off this style. To get it correctly, stay in the neutral and achromatic zones. Tans, beige, blacks, and whites are the colors to use. Unless you’re wearing a jacket, avoid wearing over-the-top graphic t shirts for women.

oversized tshirt streetwear singapore women mini skirt style vinyl dtg
Hello Panda Oversized Tee Singapore Streetwear Style

9. A Pleated

Looking for a more feminine, but distinct, way to wear your boyfriend tees and large graphic tees? The pleated skirt has arrived. A pleated skirt is a nice reprieve from the blatantly casual atmosphere of the oversized shirt. It’s chic, shamelessly girly, and certain to make you look great.

Tucked in or tucked out, this look has such a lively and careless air that you could find yourself skipping through the day. Go monotone, metallic, or simply layer these two separates — such a vibrant combination can’t go wrong.

For 2020’s stay-at-home Diwali, a cropped version over a wider pleated skirt might be the casualwear incarnation of a desi lehenga style. Choose complementing colors and the perfect accessories to create a new standard for staycation celebrations.

singapore oversized tshirt streetwear brief style woman in white tee CK vinyl print
Char Kuay Teow Oversized Tee Shirt Singapore Streetwear Style

10. The Cropped Look

Cropping your super-loose XXXL t-shirts is a terrific method to wear them if you find them too big. Cropped tees may be purchased in sizes that are 2-3 times larger for you, or they can be readily made with a piece of chalk and a pair of scissors. In any case, we love this version for its casual style and appeal.

Make a cropped statement with this outfit concept that is simple, casual, and elegant! Wear it with simple jewelry, jeans, high-waisted pants, or even calf-length skirts. These enormous t-shirts look excellent with a variety of bottoms.

Choose a colorful cropped oversize tee and combine it with pants for a ready-to-paint-the-town style. Booties, sneakers, satchels, and purses are ideal accessories for this look. There isn’t a more laid-back look out there.

Everyone is at ease in oversized t-shirts in Singapore. This is the one garment that appeals to people of all ages, genders, style aesthetics, and sizes. We hope you like our online store’s recommendations and do your hardest to make these fantastic style ideas your own!

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